Let’s Build a Nolensville Twitter List!


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Do you want to keep up with the latest buzz around Nolensville? There’s nothing quite like catching up with friends and neighbors over a good meal or cup of coffee, but sometimes social media comes in handy, too.

While there are many Facebook groups which are dedicated to our town (such as Nolensville 411), or the various neighborhoods which make it up, Facebook isn’t the only place where social conversation is taking place online. Sometimes (such as when news breaks or when storms are blowing through) Twitter is more useful to follow, because Facebook can be very picky about what shows up in your feed, and what gets obscured.

Even if you’re not on Twitter though, you can just bookmark this page and stop by any time to catch a glimpse of the latest talk!

Who’s On The List

Businesses: Crossfit Nolensville, Estelle’s Barn Antiques, Farmers MarketJunk King, Mama’s Java, Martin’s BBQ Joint, Nolensville ClinicNolensville DispatchNolensville Feed Mill, Nolensville Home Page, Nolensville Music, Nolensville Sonic, Nolensville Veterinary Hospital, Salon La Belle MaisonSummit Sports CenterTucker Marketing.

Organizations: Nolensville Baseball, Nolensville Elementary School, Nolensville First United Methodist Church, Nolensville Library, Nolensville Panthers, Nolensville Police, Nolensville Soccer, Sunset Middle SchoolWilliamson County (official), Williamson County Sheriff.

Individuals: Flint Adam (realtor), AJ in Nashville (blogger), Debbie BartzBrad Reed Beatty, Shana BresnahanBonnie Burch (the Tennessean), John Dunn (WZTV), Brian HillAmy HoagDirk Hoag, Diane Jensen, Ann LehueJeff LentzDr. Mike Looney (Williamson County Schools Superintendent), NashSevereWx (severe weather updates), Audrey Noe, Nolensville NewbieVicky Travis (the Tennessean).

If you would like to suggest additions to this list, just leave a comment below!

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  • Audrey Spencer Noe

    @Forechecker Please add me to your #Nolensville twitter list. Great idea!

    • http://www.dirkhoag.com/ Dirk Hoag

      Can you share your Twitter handle, please?

  • Jennifer Pasalakis

    Add me! https://twitter.com/jpasalakis

    I’m a National Executive Director with Thirty-One, the 17th largest direct sales company in the world. I live in Nolensville!