Nashville Predators tickets for sale!

nashville predators tickets

The last few months have gone by in a whirlwind, as I've made a career change and relocated our family from Nolensville, Tennessee to Medford, New Jersey. I'll have more to share about that experience in a future post, particularly how so many 21st-century tools made that process easier than it … [Read more...]

Decision 2014: “I’m taking my talents to…”


Since Jim Gray isn't presiding over LeBron James' free-agency spectacle this time around, I invoked the spirit of "The Decision" from 2010 to share some exciting personal news today... (NOTE: the Jim Gray part is parody, but the "decision" below is very, very real!) Jim Gray: Everybody is on pins … [Read more...]

Brad Beatty Wins the World Cup!

#451060278 / gettyimages.comAll hail Brad Beatty, the winner of our 2014 World Cup Pick 'Em contest! Brad pulled off a come-from-behind victory, as my wife Amy led the way through much of the Group Play stage, but Germany's victory over the US this afternoon played a big role in the outcome, and … [Read more...]

World Cup Pick ‘Em Update: Just two days to go!

As we approach the final two days of World Cup 2014 Group Play, our Pick 'Em contest is still up for grabs. The prize, as you'll recall, is a $50 gift certificate to the Nashville Predators Pro Shop (good until 12/31/2014), and right now it looks like a pretty wide-open race, as six contenders are … [Read more...]

Nolensville Couch to 5K: One Journey Ends, Another Begins

Photo courtesy of Jeff Grimsley, Nolensville Running Club.

Two months ago, I joined a Couch to 5K program offered by the Nolensville Running Club, and last weekend, our graduation came in the form of running the Change for a Chance 5K, a fundraiser for the local charity which drew 248 runners (and legions of supporters) out on a clear Saturday morning. … [Read more...]

McDonald’s is coming to town… and I’m loving it

mcdonalds brentwood tn nolensville road mill creek town centre

The Mill Creek Towne Center, located in Brentwood (just north of Nolensville) along Nolensville Road, is continuing its growth with a McDonald's being built alongside the Taco Bell which opened just a few months ago. Some people aren't crazy about this development for various reasons: they may … [Read more...]

The Nolensville World Cup 2014 Pick ‘Em Contest

#146385808 / gettyimages.comI don't know squat about soccer, but I love watching the World Cup. … [Read more...]

The Worst Business Presentation I’ve Ever Seen


#184602018 / There are all sorts of tips, tricks and techniques one can offer to someone getting ready to make an important business presentation, but the most obvious is the also the most important: pay attention and eliminate all basic spelling and grammar mistakes! I was … [Read more...]

Outrage over racist messages on Twitter: Can good intentions go wrong?


#121109701 / When you find people saying awful, vile things online, should you sound the alarm or keep quiet about it? The incident which brings this question to mind comes from a hockey game last night, in which Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban scored a game-winning … [Read more...]

7 Weeks to a Better Me: My Couch-to-5K journey with the Nolensville Running Club begins

Like my kicks? Just click the photo and you can get yours. They have other NHL teams available, too.

You may be shocked to read this, but being a systems analyst by day and a blogger by night lends itself to a pretty sedentary lifestyle. Since both my profession and my hobby involve a lot of sitting on my butt banging on a keyboard, over time this once-moderately-athletic physique has turned to … [Read more...]