Personal observations of life in Nolensville, Tennessee, a small but growing suburb of Nashville!

Bragging on Nolensville

Nolensville Tennessee Town Hall

I was having a conversation with a friend who lives in Nashville recently about the benefits of being out here in Nolensville, and I thought it worth recording many of those same points here, considering the number of folks who hit this site by searching Google or other search engines for … [Read more...]

Let’s Build a Nolensville Twitter List!

As the town of Nolensville continues to grow by leaps & bounds, it can become harder to keep up with the latest buzz on local events. There's nothing quite like catching up with friends and neighbors at favorite haunts over a good meal or cup of coffee, but sometimes social media comes in handy, … [Read more...]

Nolensville Takes Its Shot in the Toast of Music City 2013

Toast of Music City 2013 nolensville nominees

The Tennessean is currently running their annual Toast of Music City poll, asking readers to vote for their favorites across a wide range of categories from Art Galleries to Veterinarians. Nolensville has been well-represented in previous editions of this event (last year Mama's Java won "Best … [Read more...]

Nolensville, TN Real Estate Market “on the verge of exploding”

Bent Creek subdivision in Nolensville Tennessee

Our little town of Nolensville, TN has been steadily growing for years now, but it seems like the pace of change could accelerate rapidly pretty soon. Not only are neighborhoods like Bent Creek, Silver Stream and Nolen Park continuing to develop, but even with all that activity it looks like there … [Read more...]

What the Nolensville Buttercup Festival Needs for 2014

nolensville buttercup festival 2013

Our family took in the 2013 Nolensville Historic District Buttercup Festival earlier this month, and had the quintessential small-town good time. There was a classic mix of old (picking up a journal from the Nolensville Historical Society) and new (my youngest son trying a Greek roast sandwich from … [Read more...]

Nolensville Fires Police Chief Paul Rigsby – Why?

A surprising headline just came from the Tennessean, which reports this morning that the town of Nolensville has fired police chief Paul Rigsby and officer Troy Buckley. … [Read more...]

Nolensville Story on NewsChannel 5: Balancing Modern Growth With Historic Past

Nolensville Tennessee Town Hall

Nolensville's potential for modern development is a topic I've discussed previously on this site, and the balancing act which the town must achieve to maintain its historic identity while welcoming new residents and businesses is its biggest challenge in the coming years. Growth can be … [Read more...]

Restaurant Review: Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom in Cool Springs

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom in Cool Springs - Franklin, TN

So this afternoon we had the family out in Cool Springs, brainstorming dinner ideas, when Amy suggested we try Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom, which recently opened on Cool Springs Blvd. (Google Map here), at the site of the former Omikoshi¬†Japanese steakhouse. We pulled up around 3:45 in the … [Read more...]

Nolensville & Williamson County Schools Are Getting the Job Done

Bashing public schools and the teachers who work for them is fashionable in some circles, but you won't hear me complain about Nolensville Elementary School, or Williamson County Schools in general. What motivates me to say this right now are a pair of recent events highlighting the dedication of … [Read more...]

Business Is Growing in Nolensville – But What Do You Want To See?

The next wave of growth for Nolensville's business community is on the way, and folks here should be pretty excited about what's coming up in the next few months. The Brentwood Home Page details some of the developments: … [Read more...]